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Are you under pressure to generate more quality leads and close more deals?

What Is Marketing Automation? It is a lead nurturing/ content marketing platform designed to move prospects through
their own buying cycle much quicker. Marketing Automation platforms automatically send email campaigns that give
targeted prospects quality information based on their individual needs. Targeted, relevant content marketing is the key
to shortening sales cycles and driving leads and opportunities. We provide the content, the tools, and the strategy to
make Marketing Automation work for you.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

  • 107% better lead conversion rate
  • 40% greater average deal size
  • 20% higher team attainment of quota

Marketing Automation provides the solution to many company objectives:

  • Improves the quality of leads that are passed on to sales
  • Optimizes conversion or profitability from various sources of leads
  • Measures marketing performance more effectively

Introducing Our Marketing-Automation-Success Program

Unlock your company’s sales potential and build/improve your lead nurturing strategy with a complete,
affordable marketing automation optimization program.

3D2B’s Marketing-Automation-Success Programs combine everything you need to generate results with one turnkey solution. This includes:

  • content planning
  • content creation
  • marketing automation management 

Content that Fuels Success

We use a systematic planning process to assure we understand the perfect content to answer your prospects’
questions, and move them through the buying cycle fast and successfully. Then we create irresistible content to attract
your ideal prospects and keep them coming back for more.

Our experienced team of writers has a proven track record of writing for organizations such as Apple, Akamai Technologies,
Leica Geosystems, Microsoft, Novell, SAP, and Symantec.

Automation Tools That Make it Happen

Marketing automation software is the foundation for winning marketing programs. It empowers you to combine inbound
and outbound marketing programs into an at-a-glance dashboard and to automate all routine marketing tasks for
increased efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Have Marketing Automation? If you have purchased a marketing automation solution,
    we can help you maximize your return on this investment.

  • Want Marketing Automation? If you’re still searching for the right solution, we’ll assist
    you in weighing the pros and cons of different packages, and finding the one that’s most
    suitable for your company.

  • All the Ingredients for Success

    Marketing automation and content marketing can fail because of one missing link, whether it’s the lack of persona
    research, a solid content plan, setting up content correctly in a marketing automation system, or not creating
    enough targeted content.  That’s why we include everything you need for success as follows.

    • Persona Research to Help You Gain a Competitive Edge
      Gain an edge over the competition by immersing yourself in your buyer’s thinking.
      Learn what motivates and frustrates them, and discover the unexpected.

    • Content Plan to Attract, Engage and Convert
      Your content plan is customized to answer your buyer’s questions and move them
      step-by-step through the buying cycle effectively and efficiently.

    • Content Audit to Maximize Use of Existing  Materials
      We make sure you don’t waste any existing content, and you have what you need
      to be successful. We review your current content assets and conduct a gap analysis
      to make sure you have what you need for lead generation and nurturing. 

    • Content Set-Up
      The details can make all the difference, and that’s why we handle them according
      to best practices for marketing automation. Content set-up includes the nitty-gritty
      of building forms, scoring leads, and executing drip campaigns. 

    • Content that Fuels Results
      Based on your content plan and audit, we’ll generate the content you need to
      achieve your marketing goals. Whether you need white papers, e-books, webinars,
      case studies, blog posts, landing pages, or something else, we can create it for you.

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    About 3D2B

    3D2B is a global provider of sales and marketing services, including lead generation and qualification, marketing
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