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Lead Generation

Are You Reaching Executive-Level Decision Makers Too Late?
When building your lead generation system, remember that the early bird gets the worm…and the first salesperson involved in the executive’s decision-making process likely gets the sale. It’s all about “first-mover advantage.” First-Mover Advantage Leads to Market Dominance The theory of “first-mover advantage” asserts that the company that is first to enter a market gains a substantial advantage over potential competitors. Think of eBay, for example, the first company to offer online auctions. They defined a new market space and became the leader. There are, of course, associated risks of a first-mover strategy. If you don’t meet market needs effectively, another company can seize your idea, perfect it, and commandeer “your” market.
What Your Optometrist Can Teach You About Email Marketing
A/B Testing for Eyes and Email If you’re experimenting with email marketing for customer acquisition, you might ask your optometrist how to improve your success. You’ve probably stared at an eye chart with big letters at the top and microscopic ones at the bottom, and read down until the letters blurred. If you don’t have 20/20 vision, the optometrist subjects you to a series of tests, putting several lenses in front of your eyes, and asking you how far down the chart you can read with each one. Then, he or she fine tunes your prescription by flipping from one lens to the next, asking “is it clearer with this one or that one?” The doctor gains a little more information about your eyes with each test, and discovers the best prescription to help you see more clearly. Essentially the optometrist is performing A/B testing to determine the optimal lenses…

5 Causes of Sales-Funnel Failure

Written by Tuesday, 21 January 2014 08:46
5 Causes of Sales-Funnel Failure
Your sales people ask you for well-qualified leads to help in customer acquisition. They want buyers with bucks, who’re authorized to buy, need what you offer, have a sense of urgency, and can benefit from one of your solutions or products. It sounds simple. So why does your sales funnel fail in producing qualified leads? There are several common reasons. Your Website Is a Lone Warrior Your website can’t do the job alone. It’s just a cog in the sales and marketing machine. Your website may be optimized and starring on Google’s rankings. Your blog posts could be being shared frequently on LinkedIn, Twitter and across the Web.

How to Reach and Engage Business Decision Makers by Phone

Written by Friday, 20 December 2013 10:30
How to Reach and Engage Business Decision Makers by Phone
In my last blog post, I discussed how to get past the gatekeeper. Let’s assume that you’ve broken through the gate and now you’re faced with new challenges in your quest for business-to-business lead generation. You either reach voicemail, or are put through to the decision maker and need to engage them in conversation. Cracking the Voicemail Conundrum More often than not, you end up battling with voicemail. What does it take to break through?

The Secret to Boosting Conversion Rates

Written by Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00
The Secret to Boosting Conversion Rates
70% of Leads Generated are Never Acted on by Sales Marketing departments put a tremendous amount of energy, time and money into lead generation. Yet, according to the American Marketing Association, approximately 70% of leads generated are treated by the sales force like confetti. They don't think it's worth the time to pick them up, check them out and follow up on them.
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