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Wednesday, 03 December 2014 00:00

The 12 Days of B2B Lead Generation

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Get ready for the holidays with the 12 days of B2B lead generation. Give yourself the gift of qualified leads and more sales.

On the First Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

A Database of Suspects

Start the season with a database of suspects, people who meet your basic criteria to become clients, but are not yet qualified. Clean it up—eliminate duplicate names and update and append the data.

On the Second Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Two B2B Segments

Look at your historical activities and decide how to group suspects so you can approach them with a set of tailored marketing tactics. Segment by industry, geography, company size, role, department or any other easily defined criterion…whatever is most likely to yield results.

The Third Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Three Engaging Pieces

Provide content that engages and educates your suspects who are doing a lot of research before talking with your sales people. Whether it’s a blog post, e-book, video, webinar or infographic, the content needs to answer the questions that suspects ask as they move through the buying cycle.

The Fourth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Four Convincing Studies

As your suspects move through the buying cycle they become prospects and want to understand how your product or service has worked for other clients. Case studies are compelling because your prospects can relate to other clients’ problems and how you helped to solve them.

The Fifth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Five Days of Calling

Once you have a clean, segmented list and content to answer questions, it’s time to get on the phone. Ask questions one-to-one that help you understand each prospect better so you can customize their journey from awareness to decision making. It’s all about personalizing your marketing and adding a human touch.

The Sixth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Six-Pages of Prospects

The prospects are those who fit your qualifications as a potential customer and have shown interest. Through tele-prospecting, you can determine who is interested in receiving more information…perhaps one of those engaging pieces.

The Seventh Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Seven Nurturing Emails

You need to nurture prospects to help transform them into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and getting them ready to send on to your sales team. To nurture, send emails that answer prospects’ questions and provide insight. Also, add some tele-nurturing into the sequence to warm up leads even faster.

Research shows that to generate a response in the B2B world, you need an average of nine touches in order to gain a response.

The Eighth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Eight Scoring Rules

Obviously, you can’t contact everyone at once. So, you need lead-scoring rules. These rules will help you to prioritize the prospects and determine which are more likely to become MQLs, and eventually sales qualified leads (SQLs). 

Base lead scoring on demographics (company, industry, revenues, etc.), their level of engagement with your company as well as what you learn from conversations with them. The key is to keep lead scoring simple.

The Ninth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Nine MQLs

As you nurture the inquiries, some will respond. They will click on links in emails, visit your website, ask for more information and take actions that show they may be interested. When they reach a certain pre-determined score, they cross the threshold and become MQLs.

The Tenth Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Ten More MQLs

Once you have the process down, the leads will continue to flow. After all, you have to feed your sales team continuously.

On the Eleventh Day of Lead Gen

Marketing Made for Sales

Eleven SQLs

Now business developers talk with the MQLs on the phone to determine if they are sales qualified leads (SQLs). The initial lead scoring can help you to estimate interest based on the level of a person’s engagement. It cannot, however, determine why they are taking action. The only way to answer this is to have a human-to-human conversation that uncovers the intent that led to their activity.

On the Twelfth Day of Lead Gen

Sales Made from Marketing

Twelve Closed Sales

In the end, if you follow a well-defined lead management process, the results will convert to sales. Although it may start slowly, it will snowball over time. And that’s the biggest gift of all.

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