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Francesco Adamo

Francesco Adamo

Francesco Adamo, is a native Italian, fluent in English. Francesco began his professional career in the UK, working as a Marketing Analyst in a global B2B communications and marketing services company. In 2005 Francesco joined the 3D2B Team as a Business Development Representative for SAP. Today, almost 13 years later, Francesco is Senior Project Manager on key client accounts such as; Stratasys, VMware, and NetIQ.

Francesco has an extensive education in Political Science, English, and History. Francesco attended; University of Pavia, Cambridge and “Goldsmiths College” at the University of London where he obtained his degree.

Quick Tips to Make Sure the Best B2B Leads Don’t Get Lost in the Marketing/Sales Void

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 00:00

To make sure you don’t lose your best B2B lead generation efforts when you hand them over to sales, you need to start by clearly defining what a good lead is. Both sales and marketing should agree on this definition. Then you’ll need to set up processes and standards for lead nurturing, communication between sales and marketing and lead scoring.

Define a Good Lead

Leads become lost because sales and marketing people have not defined what a good lead is or clearly identified who is responsible for lead nurturing. 

12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business to Business Appointment Setting Company

Wednesday, 06 November 2013 09:02

If you work for a company that sells in the business to business market, outsourcing your appointment setting to professionals may be a smart move, but you should ask some critical questions first. Here’s a list of questions to make selecting the right business to business appointment setting company easy for you.