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The Revolutionary Future of B2B Telemarketing

Written by Wednesday, 11 July 2018 00:00
The Revolutionary Future of B2B Telemarketing
Recently, I received a call from a talented telemarketer. As a telemarketing professional, I love to challenge the agents who call me, asking tough questions and raising objections. At some point, the rep will usually hesitate or provide a less than perfect answer. However, in this case, every time I posed a question or raised an issue or rebutted a response, she had the textbook answer. Also, there were no pauses. No ums. No unnecessary words. After a while, I wondered, “Am I talking to a real person or is this a robocall?” To find out, I repeated a question to which I had just received a perfect answer. The telemarketing rep then reiterated the same response word for word. It was only then that I knew for sure that I had just spent twenty minutes talking to a robot.

B2B Telemarketing Ain’t What It Used to Be

Written by Wednesday, 20 June 2018 00:00
B2B Telemarketing Ain’t What It Used to Be
Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what the world of B2B business development was like 15 years ago. Many may think telemarketing today is much the same as it’s always been. It turns out, however, that the old dog of telemarketing can learn new tricks. While inside sales reps’ central communication device is still the phone, they increasingly rely on digital tools for a more holistic approach to lead qualification and B2B business development. To understand how technology has empowered telemarketers, a little retrospective is in order.

A Guide to the B2B Inside Sales Process

Written by Wednesday, 06 June 2018 00:00
A Guide to the B2B Inside Sales Process
Are you looking for a cookie-cutter inside sales process you can implement in your company without changes? If so, you’ll be disappointed. No such thing exists. That’s because you need to tailor your process to your market, target audience and product or solution. Most importantly, how you approach the sale has to be in sync with your buyer’s journey. How do they make the buying decision? What questions do they ask along the way? How can you help them choose the right product or solution? To illustrate an inside sales process, let’s take a fictitious example — a company, Zippy, Inc., which offers a marketing automation solution.
Marketers: Comply with GDPR or Risk Hefty Fines
The date for compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), May 25, 2018, is approaching fast. Are you ready? Read on to understand what GDPR is, why it exists, how it affects consumers and what marketers and their organizations need to do to abide by it. What Is the GDPR and Which Companies Need to Comply? The GDPR requires that all businesses that use European Union (EU) citizens’ personal information, no matter where their headquarters are, must observe privacy regulations related to that data. Given the global nature of most large corporations, it’s likely most need to prepare to fulfill GDPR guidelines now. GDPR includes rules related to how companies collect and protect personal data. The cost of non-compliance is up to four percent of an enterprise’s worldwide revenues or 20 million Euros, whichever is higher. Clearly, non-compliance can have damaging effects on an organization’s bottom line.
Have You Defined Your B2B Sales Roles to Achieve the Best Results?
In the early 1900s Henry Ford pioneered mass production of automobiles. He divided the roles of workers so that they each specialized in one aspect of production, thus increasing productivity and lowering costs. Similarly, companies now seek to bring efficiencies to their lead management and sales processes. The purpose is to close more deals faster and more cost-effectively. Just as Ford used specialization on the manufacturing floor, sales and marketing leaders are learning the value divvying up sales roles to achieve higher revenues. There are two reasons why narrowly defining your sales roles can increase your success. First, each sales associate is empowered to become an expert in their more focused position. Second, different sales functions require unique skills and personality characteristics. If you split up the responsibilities, you can hire people who are most likely to succeed in each specialty.
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