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15+ years

Many of us are addicted to the snooze button. There is nothing else on a cold winter’s morning that we savor more than a few extra minutes under the blankets. It’s only natural for us human beings to put off things we don’t want to do. And in that list of not-so-fun, easy-to-put-off tasks, one that looms large is database cleanup. But it’s also a critically important part of the lead generation and sales lead qualification process because people change positions quite often and contact data gets stale.

So how do you cut this onerous undertaking down to size and make it trouble free? 

Sales lead qualification in the B2B world is like dating—you learn more about each other over time, deepening your relationship and, when all goes well, you progress seamlessly from introduction to marriage or first-time lead to closed sale.

To be successful, you need to know when to commit more resources to the relationship and when to pull back and provide more space.

The Introduction

If Sally is introduced to Mark at a party, she might be happy to engage in a little small talk, but a marriage proposal would send her running.  Or vice versa.  Too much too soon can kill a relationship….in both business and love.

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