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Wednesday, 20 November 2013 10:36

3 Surefire Ways to Get Telemarketing Services Past the Gatekeeper and Reach Decision Makers by Phone

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As corporate decision-makers seek refuge behind gatekeepers from relentless telemarketers, it has become more challenging for well-intentioned business people to reach these people. Gatekeepers ask you to send an email instead of calling; they question your motives; tell you they don’t take sales calls; and present many more obstacles. So how can you reach more decision-makers efficiently? Here are some tips from our telemarketing services team.

1.       Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side

The gatekeeper is important to you because they can open the door to the person you want to reach. They can put your call through or, if the decision-maker isn’t available, perhaps look at their calendar and tell you the best time to call. 

So make them feel important. Don’t regard them as simply a barrier to be pushed aside. Treat them as a human being. For example, use their name, and ask how their day is going.  

2.       Have Answers Ready to Overcome Common Obstacles

·         Obstacle 1: Asking You to Send an Email

There are a couple of ways to jump this hurdle depending on your situation:

  •  Let the gatekeeper know you’ve already sent an email (assuming you have), and now you’d like to talk with John about the content of the email. Also, convey that your subject is of value. For example, say “I’ve already sent an email and I wanted to follow-up on it. It’s regarding an important upgrade to the software which you are using, so I think he will want to have a quick talk about it.”
  • If you haven’t sent an email, say “I’d be happy to do that, but before I send it I’d like to learn more about his area of interest.”

·         Obstacle 2: Questioning the Motive of Your Call

If the gatekeeper asks why you’re calling, explain your objectives. Do so, however, in language that might be just a little over the gatekeeper’s head so they may feel less confident blocking the telemarketing services call. For instance, if you are calling about a software solution, don’t say “I’m calling about some software he might be interested in.”  Instead say “I’m calling about the business applications he’s using.”

·         Obstacle 3: The Decision-Maker Doesn’t Take Sales Calls

When you’re told the person you’re trying to reach doesn’t take sales calls how should you react?  Simple.  Tell them it isn’t a sales call! You might say “I understand that you would need to block sales calls from him. This isn’t a sales call.”

To say this, of course, it has to be true.

Think about your sales process. Are you really trying to close a sale with this call? If you are selling a complex service or product, you likely have to do many marketing and pre-sales calls. If it’s your first call, you shouldn’t be selling anything. The initial call is all about gathering information, understanding the prospect’s situation, and determining how your company may or may not be able to help them. And while you’re doing that, you are starting to build a relationship.

·         Obstacle 4 through Infinity: Any Other Barricade

Whatever blockades the gatekeeper sets in front of you, remain friendly.  You may feel like crashing through them all, but you don’t want to take on an adversarial role. After all, you may need the gatekeeper on your side in the future.

3.       Create the Impression the Decision-Maker Knows You

To create the impression you know a prospect, you can say “we have been in contact” even if your only communication has been via email or social media. And if you’re trying to reconnect with a client, it’s easy.

If you still need help after trying these tips, you can always use outsourced professional telemarketing services that make it all happen for you.

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