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Lead Nurturing

The Proven Technique for Generating 50% More Qualified B2B Leads
According to a Forrester Research study, companies that excel at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost-per-lead. Also, Marketing Sherpa’s research shows that marketing departments with lead nurturing in place generate a 45% higher return on investment than those that lack such a program. Despite this, they report that 65% of B2B marketers have not established a lead nurturing program. How to Develop an Awesome Lead Nurturing Campaign What are the building blocks of a lead-nurturing campaign that gets results?
B2B Lead Nurturing: Which Works Best? Direct Mail, Email or Phone?
Whether you received a lead because someone signed up for a webinar, demo, or other offer, you need to institute a lead nurturing process to transform it into a qualified lead. What’s the best way to do this? If you want to maximize your sales conversion rates, start by picking up the phone. Help Your Prospect Solve Their Problem The key to lead nurturing and conversion is to focus on the prospect, their problem, and helping them to find a solution. You cannot do that without a true understanding of the issues and opportunities the person is facing. The closer you can come to interacting directly with someone, the deeper your mutual understanding will be.

Why the Human Touch is Critical to B2B Lead Nurturing

Written by Tuesday, 17 December 2013 09:30
Why the Human Touch is Critical to B2B Lead Nurturing
The Rational B2B Buyer Business buyers are different from consumers in several ways. We tend to think of them as being more rational. While it’s true that no one buys a complex computer solution on impulse, that doesn’t mean that emotions don’t enter into the equation. When a business buyer decides on a product or vendor, they’re putting their reputation and, potentially, their job on the line. On the other hand, if the solution results in significant cost savings, they could end up with a boost up the corporate ladder. That means that there’s a lot on the line, and since we’re dealing with human beings, not businesses, emotions factor in.

How to Warm Up Frosty Leads

Written by Friday, 06 December 2013 13:11
How to Warm Up Frosty Leads
Do you struggle to generate qualified leads? Most companies do. While we all would love to have 100% of our leads red hot and ready to turn into sales immediately, most need a little thawing out. Thus, we often find that spending more time lead nurturing is the key to lead qualification. In fact, if your company is like most, 50% of your leads will need additional nurture. That doesn’t mean that they are bad leads—just a little cold. Research has shown that on average, 70% of these not-ready-yet leads will eventually buy from you…or your competitor. That brings me to the “Leads Left on the Table Equation”: 50% of leads need nurturing x 70% will eventually buy from you or a competitor = 35% of leads left on the table for the competitor if you don’t nurture them. Who would you prefer them to buy from…your company or your…
Lead Nurturing for Maximum Sales Growth in 2013 & Beyond
Business-to-business lead generation is like growing crops. You can't expect a plentiful harvest if you plant seeds and then neglect them. On the contrary, newly planted seeds need nurturing—water, nutrients, and weeding—to provide fruit. Today's companies are adept planters. Many focus on lead generation, but most are not doing enough when it comes to nurturing planted seeds (a.k.a. leads) so they grow into abundant resources. Too often, warm leads fizzle away, resulting in lost sales opportunities.
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