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Lead Nurturing for Maximum Sales Growth in 2013 & Beyond
Business-to-business lead generation is like growing crops. You can't expect a plentiful harvest if you plant seeds and then neglect them. On the contrary, newly planted seeds need nurturing—water, nutrients, and weeding—to provide fruit. Today's companies are adept planters. Many focus on lead generation, but most are not doing enough when it comes to nurturing planted seeds (a.k.a. leads) so they grow into abundant resources. Too often, warm leads fizzle away, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

3 Reasons Your Team Might Be Sabotaging Sales

Written by Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00
3 Reasons Your Team Might Be Sabotaging Sales
Can't figure out why your investment in lead generation isn't paying off? You might want to look at your sales department and how they may be dropping the ball when it comes to business-to-business telemarketing. While some salespeople are doing things right, and by the book, some are not. Instead of engaging prospects in tele-nuturing, the building of long-term, future-oriented relationships over the phone, many teams let sales slip away when they skip critical steps in the sales process. Here are three things that unwittingly get in the way of making new sales.

What Is B2B Telemarketing? The Answer May Surprise You.

Written by Jeff Kalter Wednesday, 11 September 2013 00:00
What Is B2B Telemarketing? The Answer May Surprise You.
"What is business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing?" The answer might seem obvious: annoying call center agents randomly calling people with their sales pitches. We've all received those calls where the caller robotically recites a script, hardly breathing so you can't say a word. But that's not a good way for businesses to gain new customers, let alone build good will in the market. So, the better question is: What is effective B2B telemarketing?
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