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Don’t Be a Marketing Grinch: 6 Steps to Lead Qualification
Have you seen what’s on your sales people’s holiday wish list? What do they really want from marketing? I took a peek. In big bold letters it said: LEAD QUALIFICATION. You don’t want to be a marketing Grinch, but you can’t take a quick trip to the department store and buy your sales people what they want. So what should you do?
7 Secrets to Success in Business-to-Business Telemarketing with Channel Partners
A powerful strategy for growth in business-to-business telemarketing is to leverage channel partners to sell your goods and services. It works best when channel partners have connections with the companies you want to sell to; the marketing resources and know-how to reach them; or the ability to add value to your offering. For example, companies such as Oracle, IBM and SAP have created successful channel partner programs with geographically dispersed industry leaders that have solutions’ expertise to reach clients across the globe. Their secrets to success include using business-to-business telemarketing for channel partner profiling, recruiting, support and more. Discover 7 best practices for success.
3 Surefire Ways to Get Telemarketing Services Past the Gatekeeper  and Reach Decision Makers by Phone
As corporate decision-makers seek refuge behind gatekeepers from relentless telemarketers, it has become more challenging for well-intentioned business people to reach these people. Gatekeepers ask you to send an email instead of calling; they question your motives; tell you they don’t take sales calls; and present many more obstacles. So how can you reach more decision-makers efficiently? Here are some tips from our telemarketing services team. 1. Get the Gatekeeper on Your Side The gatekeeper is important to you because they can open the door to the person you want to reach. They can put your call through or, if the decision-maker isn’t available, perhaps look at their calendar and tell you the best time to call. So make them feel important. Don’t regard them as simply a barrier to be pushed aside. Treat them as a human being. For example, use their name, and ask how their day is…
12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business to Business Appointment Setting Company
If you work for a company that sells in the business to business market, outsourcing your appointment setting to professionals may be a smart move, but you should ask some critical questions first. Here’s a list of questions to make selecting the right business to business appointment setting company easy for you.

How to Ratchet Up Demand With Win/Loss Sales Analysis

Written by Wednesday, 30 October 2013 10:32
How to Ratchet Up Demand With Win/Loss Sales Analysis
Why did you lose…or win…that sale?What if you could peak under the covers of a lost sale and discover exactly what went wrong? Or perhaps you’d like to know exactly what gave your company the competitive edge in the sales you won. That information would be powerful in developing a strategy to ramp up remarkable sales results. That’s why I believe in conducting win/loss sales analysis--analyzing why one sales effort won the client over and another did not. You compile data about your buyers’ perceptions of each step in the sales cycle—the marketing messaging, your product or service offering versus the competition, the proposal, the pricing, and more. Then you dissect the data to gain deep insights to what’s working and what’s not and develop a formula for success.