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3 Ways to Use Telemarketing Services to Ramp Up B2B Revenues
Because communication is the lifeblood of any sales process, management is always seeking more efficient ways to communicate with prospects and clients. With all the possibilities for quick and easy communication methods brought forth by the digital age—social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more—the telephone has been sidelined by many sales and marketing departments. And that simple fact could give you a competitive edge, but only if you decide to stand out from the crowd and add telemarketing services to your sales and marketing tactics. That’s because for all the strengths of digital marketing, it cannot replace a two-way phone conversation where people get to the root of complex business problems and find solutions together. So where should you be using the phone to increase revenues?

8 Steps to Conducting a Sales Win/Loss Analysis

Written by Friday, 07 February 2014 12:29
8 Steps to Conducting a Sales Win/Loss Analysis
Implementing a win/loss analysis program, which dissects the sales efforts your company has won or lost, requires thoughtful planning. To be successful and boost your new business win-rate, you need to get all members of your team on the same page. Here’s a checklist of steps to launch a win/loss program:
Are Weak B2B Telemarketing Agents Stifling Your Sales?
If your telemarketing efforts are achieving sub-par results, it’s only natural to wonder whether your internal telemarketing agents, or those from your B2B teleservices company, are doing a good job. It’s a good question. After all, the inside sales people are on the front lines. They are the voice of your company. If they make a good first impression, your company can crack open the door, and start a relationship. If on the other hand they are unprepared for a call, and unable to hold a beneficial one-to-one conversation with your prospect or client, your company will suffer a black mark, making your job that much harder.
Why Successful B2B Telemarketers Don’t Use Scripts
Relationships Not Robots The primary aim of business-to-business lead generation is to form relationships with prospects and nurture them until they turn into business. But even the best script in the world cannot help telesales agents forge relationships. Have you ever picked up the phone during election season and heard a robotic voice reading a recorded message in support of a particular candidate? If you’re like most people, as soon as you realize that you’re not speaking with a person, you hang up the phone. But sometimes live human beings can have the same impersonal affect as a prerecorded message. That’s because they’re reading from a script, and, well, it sounds like they’re reading from a script. In business-to-business telemarketing, scripts have the devastating effect of turning off potential clients because your goal is to have a true peer-to-peer discussion.

Why Aging Data Corrodes Your Sales Pipeline

Written by Friday, 24 January 2014 07:52
Why Aging Data Corrodes Your Sales Pipeline
The challenge of business-to-business lead generation and nurturing is often made worse by self-inflicted handicaps. One such handicap is a marketing database jam packed with incorrect, redundant, or outdated contact and company information. It wreaks havoc on sales and marketing campaigns anddooms sales representatives to poor results. The Aging Data Challenge Customer contact information tends to age quickly. And in the last few years, the data-aging process has accelerated. Causes for inaccurate data include: Increased movement within organizations Widespread layoffs triggered by an anemic economy Data entry errors and omissions Companies going bankrupt and shutting their doors Differing data standards used when aggregating data Corruption in files when data is stored or transmitted Mergers and acquisitions Whatever the cause, bad data eats up time and money.