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How to Fix Your Sales Pipeline Leak to Avoid Sales Leads Generation Losses
Every day, marketing people across the globe are working industriously to acquire leads. Perhaps they offer a white paper on their website which generates sales leads. The leads flow into your marketing pipeline, your marketing department scores them, and then directs those with the highest scores to your sales people, expecting them to transform into revenue.
Reach and Qualify More Leads by Responding Faster Are you disappointed with your results from online marketing? You’re attracting web visitorswith appetizing content, and they’re filling in your forms. But you’re having a hard time reaching and qualifying them. You’re not alone. 78% of business-to-business marketing leaders say generating qualified leads is their most challenging task. There is, however, one thing you could do differently that could radically change your results. What is it? Responding to Internet leads immediately. That’s right – Internet leads want follow-up at Internet speed. A study from showed companies that respond to web leads within 5 minutes are 900% more likely to reach them. They’re also 21 times more likely to qualify them than if they wait 30 minutes. Even though you capture leads on the Internet, each one still represents a person who responds to the human touch of a phone call. Our…

The Secret to Boosting Conversion Rates

Written by Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00
The Secret to Boosting Conversion Rates
70% of Leads Generated are Never Acted on by Sales Marketing departments put a tremendous amount of energy, time and money into lead generation. Yet, according to the American Marketing Association, approximately 70% of leads generated are treated by the sales force like confetti. They don't think it's worth the time to pick them up, check them out and follow up on them.
Lead Nurturing for Maximum Sales Growth in 2013 & Beyond
Business-to-business lead generation is like growing crops. You can't expect a plentiful harvest if you plant seeds and then neglect them. On the contrary, newly planted seeds need nurturing—water, nutrients, and weeding—to provide fruit. Today's companies are adept planters. Many focus on lead generation, but most are not doing enough when it comes to nurturing planted seeds (a.k.a. leads) so they grow into abundant resources. Too often, warm leads fizzle away, resulting in lost sales opportunities.

3 Reasons Your Team Might Be Sabotaging Sales

Written by Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00
3 Reasons Your Team Might Be Sabotaging Sales
Can't figure out why your investment in lead generation isn't paying off? You might want to look at your sales department and how they may be dropping the ball when it comes to business-to-business telemarketing. While some salespeople are doing things right, and by the book, some are not. Instead of engaging prospects in tele-nuturing, the building of long-term, future-oriented relationships over the phone, many teams let sales slip away when they skip critical steps in the sales process. Here are three things that unwittingly get in the way of making new sales.