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Jeff Kalter

Jeff Kalter

Born and raised in New York City, Jeff Kalter graduated with a Bachelor of Science from New York Institute of Technology. Jeff began his professional career at Bruce Supply Corporation, a leading industrial supplies distributor in the United States. Thereafter, Jeff co-founded Central Foundries Inc., a global importer and manufacturer of cast iron and copper products.

In the late 90s Jeff moved his family to Munich, Germany, where he gained experience in the consumer market acting as Advertising Designer for companies such as ESCADA and Altmarkt Gallery.

Jeff was then recruited by a leading outsourced customer acquisition company responsible for global clients, including TOSHIBA, Cisco Systems and 3Com. His responsibilities included developing, implementing and driving customer acquisition programs with proven revenue of over 100 million USD.

In 2003 Jeff co-founded 3D2B in Rome, Italy. Today, Jeff is the CEO of 3D2B and resides between Rome and New York City.

8 Steps to Conducting a Sales Win/Loss Analysis

Friday, 07 February 2014 12:29

Implementing a win/loss analysis program, which dissects the sales efforts your company has won or lost, requires thoughtful planning. To be successful and boost your new business win-rate, you need to get all members of your team on the same page.


Here’s a checklist of steps to launch a win/loss program:


Are Weak B2B Telemarketing Agents Stifling Your Sales?

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 09:00

If your telemarketing efforts are achieving sub-par results, it’s only natural to wonder whether your internal telemarketing agents, or those from your B2B teleservices company, are doing a good job.

It’s a good question.

After all, the inside sales people are on the front lines. They are the voice of your company. If they make a good first impression, your company can crack open the door, and start a relationship. If on the other hand they are unprepared for a call, and unable to hold a beneficial one-to-one conversation with your prospect or client, your company will suffer a black mark, making your job that much harder.

Are You Sabotaging the Magic of Marketing Automation?

Friday, 31 January 2014 12:07

It’s only natural for marketers involved in business-to-business lead generation to be attracted to the lure of marketing automation. It’s easy to be mesmerized by software, such as Act-On, HubSpot, Marketo and Eloqua, that tracks how Web visitors find your website, the pages they look at, the path they take from one page to the next, where they spend the most time, and what content they download. All of this creates a myriad of data points that marketing can use to optimize the website, attract more traffic, and provide more of the content that Web visitors love.

It doesn’t stop there. The software captures leads and sends emails to Web visitors based on the content they download. And it collects all the juicy tidbits marketers love to know about the leads and clients in a database.

Why Successful B2B Telemarketers Don’t Use Scripts

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 09:49

Relationships Not Robots

The primary aim of business-to-business lead generation is to form relationships with prospects and nurture them until they turn into business. But even the best script in the world cannot help telesales agents forge relationships.

Have you ever picked up the phone during election season and heard a robotic voice reading a recorded message in support of a particular candidate? If you’re like most people, as soon as you realize that you’re not speaking with a person, you hang up the phone.

But sometimes live human beings can have the same impersonal affect as a prerecorded message. That’s because they’re reading from a script, and, well, it sounds like they’re reading from a script. In business-to-business telemarketing, scripts have the devastating effect of turning off potential clients because your goal is to have a true peer-to-peer discussion.

Why Aging Data Corrodes Your Sales Pipeline

Friday, 24 January 2014 07:52

The challenge of business-to-business lead generation and nurturing is often made worse by self-inflicted handicaps. One such handicap is a marketing database jam packed with incorrect, redundant, or outdated contact and company information. It wreaks havoc on sales and marketing campaigns anddooms sales representatives to poor results.

The Aging Data Challenge

Customer contact information tends to age quickly. And in the last few years, the data-aging process has accelerated. Causes for inaccurate data include:

  • Increased movement within organizations
  • Widespread layoffs triggered by an anemic economy
  • Data entry errors and omissions
  • Companies going bankrupt and shutting their doors
  • Differing data standards used when aggregating data
  • Corruption in files when data is stored or transmitted
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Whatever the cause, bad data eats up time and money. 

5 Causes of Sales-Funnel Failure

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 08:46

Your sales people ask you for well-qualified leads to help in customer acquisition. They want buyers with bucks, who’re authorized to buy, need what you offer, have a sense of urgency, and can benefit from one of your solutions or products.

It sounds simple. So why does your sales funnel fail in producing qualified leads? There are several common reasons.

  • Your Website Is a Lone Warrior
  • Your website can’t do the job alone. It’s just a cog in the sales and marketing machine. Your website may be optimized and starring on Google’s rankings. Your blog posts could be being shared frequently on LinkedIn, Twitter and across the Web.

It’s January—Do You Know What’s in Your Sales Funnel?

Wednesday, 15 January 2014 08:53

Your goals for new customer acquisition in 2014 are set. You want to get off to a running start and achieve them. Your first stop should be to check out what's in your sales funnel.

Find the Facts in the Funnel

A sales funnel report should enable you to answer the following questions:

  • How many untapped leads are stalled in the funnel—not ready to buy or not yet qualified?
  • How many qualified customer acquisition opportunities are ready to emerge in the next month?
  • What's the potential value of these emerging opportunities?
  • What's our average conversion rate?
  • Are there any areas in the funnel where leads tend to get stuck and not convert to the next stage? For example, are lead conversion rates from leads to demonstrations meeting your objectives?
  • How long is your sales cycle?
  • Based on history, is your sales funnel growing or shrinking?

The answers to these questions give you a crystal ball for predicting sales, enable you to prioritize the sales opportunities to focus on, and provide clues for funnel optimization.

New Year’s Resolutions That Help With B2B Appointment Setting

Thursday, 09 January 2014 11:52

As the New Year dawns, many are resolving to shed a few pounds, become more familiar with the local gym, quit smoking, or climb out of debt. But those of us who strive for business growth need to find more effective ways to put our sales people in front of buyers. And that means developing some New Year's resolutions that will make us more successful at setting B2B appointments with prospects.
Use these New Year's resolutions to boost your success with B2B appointment setting or to lead your telemarketing team.

Why the Human Touch is Critical to B2B Lead Nurturing

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 09:30

The Rational B2B Buyer

Business buyers are different from consumers in several ways. We tend to think of them as being more rational. While it’s true that no one buys a complex computer solution on impulse, that doesn’t mean that emotions don’t enter into the equation.

When a business buyer decides on a product or vendor, they’re putting their reputation and, potentially, their job on the line. On the other hand, if the solution results in significant cost savings, they could end up with a boost up the corporate ladder. That means that there’s a lot on the line, and since we’re dealing with human beings, not businesses, emotions factor in. 

A Cheat Sheet for Amazing B2B Marketing Automation

Friday, 13 December 2013 09:12

Marketing automation software captivates us with its promise to personalize communication between our business and our prospects. By keeping an eye on the content a prospect engages in, it’s able to serve up the right messages to them at the right time, practically putting lead generation and nurturing programs on autopilot.

Marketing automation also empowers marketers to dig into data, understand what’s working and what’s not, and quickly adjust the dials of the marketing automation machine to optimize results.

Given this, it’s no wonder marketing automation solutions are selling like chilled lemonade at a mid-summer marathon. The Raab Report reports that revenues for B2B marketing automation systems will grow 50% to reach $750 million in 2013.

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